We are experimental instrumentalists, gear-head video makers, and creators of the Patchulator 8000.

What's New?

Patchulator 8000 available in multiple cable colors

Patchulator: Choose Your Colors!

02/13/2018 - Now you can choose your cable color when purchasing Patchulator 8000 in our online store. We have 6 different colors, a mix of all colors, or you can purchase with no cables at all at a discounted price.

New Boredbrain patch cables for eurorack modular synthesizers

New Patch Cables For Eurorack Modular

12/12/2017 - We're stoked to announce that our new 3.5mm patch cable is now available in 6 lengths and 6 different colors for your eurorack modular system.

TRS Cables with Patchulator 8000 mini patchbay

TRS Cables with Patchulator 8000

9/20/2017 - The wait is over! Thoughtfully designed for the frequent patcher, Boredbrain's own 3.5mm TRS Patch Cables are now available. These custom, medium-duty cables maintain flexibility with a sturdy feel, and the grippy strain-relief allows for easy pulling.

Featured Videos

Boredbrains in Studio: Patching Eurorack with Little Black Rain Clouds
We got together with Damion Champe (aka. Little Black Rain Clouds) to record a musical improvisation with his eurorack modular system, while introducing him to our new custom-designed 3.5mm patch...
Sounds From The Patch Lab: Eurorack Modular Implant
A new sound experiment is performed with the PATCHULATOR 8000 MINI PATCHBAY to route audio and control voltage modulation signals between a eurorack modular synthesizer and several effects and pedals....

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