In a world where the thinking mind is distorted by the dull drone of a sole planetary broadcast, the EXREPLICA have emerged to resist a cult of musical mediocrity.

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EXREPLICA covers Orbital's "The Box"

Having been heavily influenced as teenagers by the progressive electronic sounds of Orbital, we really wanted to pay homage to the band and their style, with our own interpretation of a classic, The Box. We focused on altering the arrangement and instrumentation to merge the song with our own performance and production style. The video is comprised of footage from the recording process, with some additional artistic visual content alluding to the original theme of Orbital's music video.

Our rendition features of a mix of electronic and stringed instruments including analog synths, electric banjo, electric guitar and bass, electronic drums, percussion, and drum machine. We record and mix on our console using an array of analog filters, compressors, and fun effects.